Silversea: Galápagos 2022-2025

25 A Zodiac in Bahía Elizabeth, Isabela Island, Galápagos Bartolomé Island, Galápagos Kayaking in Bahía Gardner, Española Island, Galápagos Expedition team lecture GROUP HIKES Your most remarkable memories from the Galápagos Islands will likely come from a simple hike through these vibrant lands, which teem with endemic flora and fauna species. Look to the skies to see Blue- and Red-footed Boobies, Galápagos Hawks, and Darwin’s Finches; navigate ancient lava fields on Isabela Island; and ask your accompanying expert for information on Charles Darwin, who walked these lands before you. ACTIVE KAYAKING With our naturalists on hand to point out interesting spectacles, you’ll take to the water to form an even closer bond with Mother Nature. Kayak around Darwin’s Bay and admire Genovesa Island’s craggy landscape. Keep your eyes on the water for signs of wildlife; they’re sure to abound. Galápagos Penguins, marine turtles and playful sea lions inhabit the Galápagos’ waters, as well as an abundance of tropical fish species. ADVANCED LECTURES Travelling to the Galápagos Islands is an exercise in self-enrichment. You’ll learn new things about fascinating topics, from geology to history. Prepare for your onshore excursions with the best of the best, as our expert naturalists provide you with inside information in advanced lectures. Silver Origin’s Basecamp and Explorer Lounge provide the perfect spaces in which to learn new things. ZODIAC® CRUISING Silver Origin has the highest Zodiac-to-guest ratio in the archipelago (1:12.5), meaning you will have more opportunities to explore the islands. Accompanied by our expert naturalists, you will enjoy immersive Zodiac tours to discover the remarkable ecosystems of each island—both on the water and venturing ashore. Thanks to the Zodiacs’ versatility, you are sure to get close to the action.