Silversea: Galápagos 2022-2025

28 Guests kayaking in Bahía Gardner, Española Island, Galápagos WESTERN ITINERARY EXPLORE ICONIC ISLANDS A newly enriched itinerary awaits you in San Cristobal. As well as Santa Cruz and Santiago, you’ll journey to the four iconic islands of Isabela, Fernandina, Floreana and Bartolome. The hand-picked mix of islands will allow for superb wildlife spotting including the iconic Galápagos Penguin and other fascinating bird species. A relaxing day exploring the white coralline beach of Bahía Borrero (used as a nesting site by green sea turtles) finishes your trip. ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE OVERVIEW • Included air** • Roundtrip flights between Ecuador and Galápagos • Transfers • Luggage handling • Pre-cruise hotel in Quito (2 nights) • Post-cruise day-use hotel room*** • “Quito by night” tour • National Park fees **AIR NOT AVAILABLE IN SOME COUNTRIES IN EUROPE, ASIA AND LATIN AMERICA. IN THESE MARKETS, WE OFFER AN AIR CREDIT, INSTEAD, TO BE APPLIED TO THE BOOKING. ***IN GUAYAQUIL FOR GUESTS WITH FLIGHTS AFTER 10PM. YOUR ALL-INCLUSIVE VACATION PACKAGE PRIVATE EXECUTIVE TRANSFERS Arrive in QUITO Visiting QUITO Flight to GALAPAGOS Flight to GUAYAQUIL YOUR ALL-INCLUSIVE EXPEDITION VOYAGE on board and ashore Post cruise hotel day-use* Fly back home PRIVATE EXECUTIVE TRANSFERS