Silversea: Galápagos 2022-2025

30 A Land iguana in North Seymour, Galápagos NORTHERN ITINERARY YOUR ALL-INCLUSIVE VACATION PACKAGE CONNECT WITH RARE WILDLIFE This Galápagos itinerary will immerse you in nature’s most spectacular wonders, unlocking the beauty of the flora and fauna in the islands that time forgot. Swim with sea turtles in Fernandina and Galápagos Penguins in Isabela. Explore the ‘bird island’ of Genovesa and Española, as well as our new call in Santa Fe. Walk across otherworldly lava fields and learn about the islands’ history before and after Darwin made them famous. ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE OVERVIEW • Included air** • Roundtrip flights between Ecuador and Galápagos • Transfers • Luggage handling • Pre-cruise hotel in Quito (2 nights) • Post-cruise day-use hotel room*** • “Quito by night” tour • National Park fees **AIR NOT AVAILABLE IN SOME COUNTRIES IN EUROPE, ASIA AND LATIN AMERICA. IN THESE MARKETS, WE OFFER AN AIR CREDIT, INSTEAD, TO BE APPLIED TO THE BOOKING. ***IN GUAYAQUIL FOR GUESTS WITH FLIGHTS AFTER 10PM. *For guests with flights after 10pm PRIVATE EXECUTIVE TRANSFERS Arrive in QUITO Visiting QUITO Flight to GALAPAGOS Flight to GUAYAQUIL YOUR ALL-INCLUSIVE EXPEDITION VOYAGE on board and ashore Post cruise hotel day-use* Fly back home PRIVATE EXECUTIVE TRANSFERS