Silversea: Galápagos 2022-2025

36 ALWAYS FIRST CLASS We’re committed to making your time with us in the Galápagos unforgettable. While the Galápagos Archipelago is incredibly remote, our new Silver Origin— complete with our trademark quality of service—enables you to enjoy the region’s spellbinding beauty in absolute comfort and elegance. SMALL-SHIP INTIMACY Big on creature comforts and luxuries, our intimate all-suite Silver Origin feels personal and convivial. Accommodating just 100 guests, Silver Origin has been designed especially with the Galápagos Islands in mind. You’ll meet other curious travellers as you form meaningful connections with this unique destination, while dining on fine Ecuadorian and international cuisine. SUPERIOR SERVICE With nearly a crewmember for every guest, our personalised service is unparalleled. You’ll be catered for and pampered each and every day, as our crew learns to anticipate your needs. Every Silversea suite features a butler, so after a day spent exploring the archipelago, you just might find a cool cocktail or your favourite snacks waiting for you back in your suite. All our team members take pride in making your time with us the best it can possibly be. GOURMET EXCELLENCE Our fine cuisine has always been a jewel in our crown. Aboard Silver Origin, you will benefit from a uniquely immersive culinary philosophy, centered upon regionally-grown ingredients, Ecuadorian cuisine, and a farm-to-table approach. Rest assured, you’ll still be able to enjoy the international fare that discerns our culinary offering, with the finest ingredients available. SILVERSEA’S 900+ DESTINATIONS From the Galápagos on the equator to both Polar Regions and over 900 destinations in between, we strive to create the best, most unique itineraries in the world. We visit every single continent with a huge range of experiences to discover, from iconic world cities to remote islands. Discover what makes each one special.